The Military & Historical Image Bank has now turned over our image business to the renowned Bridgeman Art Library ,

Soon all of Don Troiani's artwork (Battle scenes / Regimental depictions / Single figure studies) and artifacts will be posted on their website. If you don't see it on their site just email them and they'll find it for you.

We will be adding hundreds of new images to Bridgeman regularly . Troiani artwork only will also be here basically for reference as people find this site easy to explore and are used to it. New artifacts will not but posted here anymore but will go directly to the Bridgeman site. Some older artifact images rescanned from slides may still show on this site but will no longer be available. ALL inquiries must now be directed to Bridgeman who you'll find very helpful..

We hope you'll continue to value the historical accuracy of Troiani's works as well as the uniqueness of the artifacts we've made available.
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